Russian personals

How to Make Full Use of Russian Personals

Russian personalsPerhaps you have browsed many Russian personals and have even posted your personal amongst them in order to find the right Russian girl that you like.  Here are some powerful tips that you need to look at while joining this very popular and beneficial activity:
  • When you read a personal written by a Russian woman, pay attention to her grammar and spelling.  If it’s written in English, you really want to avoid badly written English, because her writing skills demonstrate how educated she is.  English is a compulsory subject in Russian schools, so if her English is good, that means she is more likely to be a hardworking and responsible girl.
  • Read Russian personals carefully – if they only include things like "I like watching movies”, that doesn’t really tell you much about them.  But if a personal includes why they do what they do (e.g. "I like helping people because that makes me feel I am able to contribute to the society”), it shows you her values.  As a result, you can see whether her values are similar to your values.  You need to remember that you and your future wife must have values that are at least compatible.  In this way, your future marriage is going to work well, because couples with similar values are happy couples and are able to make their relationships work in the long term.  Circumstances can change, but values can’t.
  • When you post your personal amongst those personals, make sure you use high-level English vocabulary.  This is because you want to use your personal as a filter: women who can’t understand certain words in your personal probably wouldn’t contact you, and these women are apparently less cultured.  Always choose women who are able to read advanced English, so that you are more likely to find the intelligent, well-educated and classy woman of your dreams.

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