Russian wife vs Latvian wife: which one is better for you?

Why are Russian women and Baltic women so similar?

All countries of Eastern Europe became places of interest for western tourists only recently, during the last few decades. And of course, it’s mostly thanks to gorgeous girls who live there.

Although people think they know a lot of facts about Russian women, it’s hard to fully understand them without comparing to Baltic girls because they’re surprisingly similar.

Russian city Pskov, particularly, is situated on the Russian-Latvian border. But people from other Russian cities also used to mix with Latvians, so their beautiful daughters are half Latvian.

And that’s also where Russian girls get their high class from, since Latvian women are considered ones of the most elegant, chic, and refined on all post-Soviet territory.

Latvian women are a bit of Scandinavian type, calm and somewhat cold yet very sexy. Well, there are plenty of indigenous ethnicities in Russia that can be called Nordic as well.

The traditionally cold and severe climate only adds to this Nordic heritage which is clearly reflected in Russian character as well. But, these similarities aren’t complete, and here is why.

Russian beauties indeed combine the flame and the ice within their personality. It’s all about genes. Russia is a huge country and each part of the territory has its own history and roots.

Along with mostly-blonde Baltic ancestry, they have also got very hot genes coming from Turk and Asian ethnicities. Tatar girls, in particular, are extremely passionate and exotic-looking.

Baltic women

At the same time, marriages between Ugric-Finnish Russian and Tatar Russian aren’t even considered mixed, because both partners are still Russian, and their parents and grandparents are.

Such a hereditary, repeated interbreeding creates the most unique appearances and tempers. That’s why we are always fascinated by Russian women and consider them full of nice surprises.


Russian wives’ and Latvian wives’ adaptation abroad

It makes sense for western men to marry Russian women and Latvian women because both categories are very well and quickly adapted to a new lifestyle abroad.

Quite often, modern girls go to USA for studying. This fact brings a bunch of advantages at once! It means they speak good English; they are intelligent; they have a legal basis to stay in the US.

Most probably, their families are well-provided enough to send them here so you won’t be the only sponsor constantly "rescuing” a poor Russian girl from smth; finally, they are already westernized.

Latvian wives

So a big part of your work is done. And if they work in USA, not only study, it means they have assimilated even better. It’s often the case for Latvian women, particularly.

If a girl isn’t a student but an Au Pair she may still need your help to stay in USA for good but at least she has her pocket money and some useful acquaintances, moreover, she grew mature.

Such a girl is responsible enough to do this kind of job. Perfect for her future motherhood, if that is in your plans! With all the connections she made, her further costly education isn’t necessary.

If a Russian girl or a Latvian girl is in USA with her parents or at least one relative, she won’t get homesick and won’t need to fly back to her country too frequently. Isn’t it budget-saving?

It’s your "kingdom”, you know everything there and you are full of ideas where to take her and which places to show her. You wouldn’t be that flexible in Russia or Latvia, that’s obvious.

Russian ladies in USA, as well as Latvian ones, normally have friends, they aren’t totally dependable on you and your free time. They won’t be completely bored when you’re at work.

marry Russian women

There are also some cases when Russian or Latvian women remained in the US after their divorce with an American. But this situation has good sides too. Just learn about the real reasons of it.

Then you will become aware about the complications of her character "from the first hands”: from her friends or neighbours. She’ll not be able to hide things from you like some girls in Russia do.

So, if you want a Russian bride or a Latvian bride who is already adapted to your everyday reality, find someone who studies or work in your country, or at least have visited once.


Which topics to avoid when courting your Russian or Latvian bride

For a foreigner, it’s impossible to know all nuances of Russian or Latvian politics, traditions, beliefs, even if you have abandoned your job and spend all days desperately Googling these topics.

But this is where Russians and Latvians differ from each other. It’s really crucial not to spoil a girl’s mood or even her attitude towards you with an inappropriate comment.

For example, Russian girls kind of worship their country leader, while Latvian girls usually cannot stand Putin and any talks about him. They are a bit nationalistic and prejudiced.

Russian women

Actually, their cultures are all different, although both countries used to be parts of the USSR for long decades. Latvia is very much pro-European while Russia is full of Slavophiles.

It means, these people admire their Slavic ancestry more than anything and reject some of the western elements of culture, such as fast food, unisex clothes, child-free philosophy, or others.

In some way, it’s even good for western single men cause it guarantees Russian wives will be classical and home-attached. In this regard, Russian brides are more preferable than Latvian ones.


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