Hookup Russian girls in no time, knowing their secrets

Russian women back in nineties and now: easier to hookup?

Going to Russia for casual sex and romantic affairs isn’t new anymore, it became a trend decades ago. But did Russian mentality change much since, so new pickup strategies have to be applied?

Absolutely. The very first things that changed, is the cultural gap between high-class ladies and low-class cheap girls. It had been quite drastic in the early 2000s.

The impressions western men of those times have gotten from Russian dating, were mostly formed and dictated by that cultural gap and the two opposite categories of women.

Just think of that: the biggest communistic union in a world has just fallen apart, leaving behind millions of beautiful women with high values and strong principles, even if with wrong ideals.

Hookup Russian girls

They worked as teachers, doctors, scientists, engineers, and looking decent was as important for them as having perfect manners or gaining other people’s utmost respect.

While there were always some females in the bottom of society, born in families of alcoholics and/or directed to the orphanages in their earliest years. They surely grew up as low-class escort girls.

Without understanding of that fact, the most negatively-thinking western men used to criticize Russian girls in general because of those unfortunate females’ misbehaviour.

But, all success stories scream to us about gorgeous and classy Russian ladies who managed to become perfect housewives in the USA and raise wonderful kids with their American husbands.

Well, times have changed not only in Russia. It’s rarely seen now in the US that a man would afford keeping a non-working wife at home and paying all bills by himself.

Moreover, the majority of western men currently seem to follow the principle: why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? So, visiting for brief hookups becomes their choice.

Modern Russian women understand these facts: that they will have to work very hard abroad, maybe harder than in their country, and that views on sex and marriage have been modified worldwide.

Although Russian society still tends to limit people’s rights and freedoms, young women are much more open-minded than their mothers were. Casual sex became a part of their life, with westerners too.

It’s not a sign of bad family values or bad manners anymore, it’s just a normal activity for a better health, better look, higher self-esteem, and surely a stress-relieving remedy.

You basically don’t need to play a prince charming anymore for hooking up with a Russian girl, all you need is being yourself, getting acquainted with her, and coming to Moscow.


Types of modern Russian girls and ways to get laid with them

It’s always risky to generalize and make one conclusion about the whole nation. That’s really wrong, and that’s why we would divide Russian women into several main categories.

How to hookup with a Bimbo girl in Russia

There are Bimbos everywhere. They are mostly rich parents’ kids, so they grow very pretty, careless, and immature. Casual sex seems very romantic to them especially if accompanied with gifts.

hookup with a Bimbo girl in Russia

So, in other words, those are sugar babies. They accept one-night-stands, sex in a nightclub, weekend affair, vacation affair, or hookuping for several months with no strings attached.

It’s easy to seduce them if to take them out to a fancy place or promise them a trip to Paris. Anyways, they’re often just party animals and would hookup for two or three cocktails.

How to hookup with an Instagram model

We put them to a separate category, because not all Instagram models are Bimbos. Would be too chauvinist to think like that. Models in Russia work hard, and sometimes intellectually, too.

Models beginners usually combine this job with more average ones, to make their ends meet. When they expect some reward from a western man, they happen to not have another choice.

Successful models are more capricious though. They have all the reasons and possibilities to tease and then sneak away, because they’d quickly lose their good looks having too many lovers.

Well, it’s their right to be demanding and selective. But how to conquer them at all? They got used to compliments and nice words too much, so it’s not something that could work.

Since they’re hard to crack, the only way to get laid might be playing with them. Promising to take them to the week of fashion, and connect them with prestigious model agencies may help.

How to hookup with a single mother in Russia

What can we do? It’s Russian reality, and at least a half of women registered on dating sites or hook up apps, have a child from a previous marriage. It doesn’t make them less gorgeous and sexy.

Having a casual affair with single mom in Eastern Europe is easy and difficult at the same time. They surely want sex more than very young girls because they’re full of hormones and less desired.

Both local and foreign men fear to get involved with someone who may want too much from them, and perceive another guy’s child as a certain burden. Well, fear not in Russia!

Although ex-husbands rarely pay alimonies in this country, and avoid seeing their own child, women usually cope with their duties much better than American single moms.

pickup a woman in Russia

Prices in Russia are much lower than in the west, and single mothers usually work a lot leaving their kid with grandparents or in a kindergarten for a full day.

It makes no sense to avoid this category. Yes, they do hope to eventually meet their next husband, but they’re so happy with just every little sign of a man’s attention.

Basically, a box of Lego can provide you with the most thankful, most delightful, most limitless sex you have ever had. Maybe not that primitively, but you got the general idea.  

After all, Instagram models also become mothers one day. But their photos do not disappear from dating sites after that. They just get more achievable and less picky, so it’s a great chance.


How to compete with Russian men as a lover

No one should worry about being worse than Russian men in a bed. At least, Moscow women claim so. All Russian men do, is heavy drinking, and in the best case – working hard until late.

Disturbingly, gay movement grew very big in Russia nowadays, especially in the biggest cities. So, lots of muscled men who do not drink and could make love long enough, prefer other men.

But, don’t get too lazy knowing that you’re the best for Russian girls anyway. If a woman is extremely beautiful and you want your mutual pleasure to be keener, put some efforts.

The very first thing you’ll surprise your Russian lover with, is pleasing her orally. Their local men are ridiculously uneducated in this particular part. So, you can impress her with your skills.

The next thing is rubbing her while having an intercourse. It’s such a simple action known for ages, but it’s able to turn a woman crazy especially if she’s inexperienced and/or hungry for sex.

Types of modern Russian girls

Finally, pamper her with massages. Use this trick for the least achievable girls and women. If she’s too classical and old-fashioned, it works perfectly too. They’ll be amazed with your care!

Russian men never, ever give massages to their women, while women are definitely tired and tense. This service costs a lot in a gym or in a SPA saloon, so you’ll be wildly thanked for sure!

Women in Moscow don’t seem to have taboos in sex, but they aren’t too straightforward either. Always remember to ask them in advance if you’re in the mood to experiment, and to be gentle.

Be especially careful if you’re going to try sex in public. Moscow is a dangerous city, you never know where a policeman or a bandit is. Better ask your girl which place is better for that.


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